European Representative of
Birds International, Inc.

Friedrich-Janeczek1IMG 1448FJ-1992
  • Born in 1960
  • 1986: Graduated at the University of Munich in November
  • 1988 visit of the best avian clinics and parrot collections in Florida, California, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and the Philippines for 6 months
  • 1989: Ph.D. thesis, dedicated to parrots developing new fast methods (ELISA) to prove in blood samples the evidence of the agent and its antibodies causing the parrot disease (Chlamydia psittaci). Both methods are applied since that time in the routine diagnostic.
  • 1989: Veterinary Practice limited to Parrots and Parrot Breeder Service (www.janeczek.de)
  • 1991: European Representative and consulting veterinarian of Birds International, Inc., Manila, Philippines
  • 1997: Consulting veterinarian and co-owner of AVIFOOD Dipl.-Stat. (Univ.) Monika Janeczek e. K. (www.avifood.com)
  • 2004: Consulting veterinarian and co-owner of AVIJAN OHG (www.avijan.com)
  • 2010: Member of the Veterinary Surgeons' Council Malta
  • 2013: Member of the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber (Magyar Àllatorvosi Kamara)

Dr. Friedrich Janeczek was interested in parrots and parakeets since his fifth birthday when he got his first budgie. He soon started breeding them. To become a veterinarian specialised in parrots and parakeets was just a logical further step. In the following years he extended his breeding efforts to Lovebirds, Cuban Amazons and other large macaws, cockatoos, and Grey parrots. Due to his father’s illness, the own breeding collection stopped in 2000.